Econoler is a world-renowned consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation, evaluation and financing of energy efficiency programs and projects. The firm also has experience in renewable energy, energy performance contracting, climate change mitigation and carbon financing. Specific areas of expertise include:

Energy Efficiency

Building Codes, Cogeneration (CHP), Demand-side Management (DSM), Energy Audits, Energy Management, Institutional and Regulatory Framework, Measurement and Verification, Program Design, Rate and Tariff Design, Standards and Labeling

Renewable Energy

Program Design, Institutional and Regulatory Framework, Investment Feasibility Studies, Financial Mechanisms and Fund Design and Management

Innovative Energy Efficiency Performance Contracting (ESCOs)

Business Planning, Market Development, National Strategies, Projects Design and Implementation, Training Programs

Clean Energy Financing

Credit Line – Implementation Technical Assistance, Financing Mechanisms, Fund Design, Fund Management

Program Evaluation

Impact Analysis, Market Tracking, Market Transformation, Statistical Modeling, Surveys

Carbon Finance

Clean Development Mechanism, Joint Implementation, Development and Transaction of Carbon Credits

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Capacity Building on Climate Change International Negotiations, Elaboration of Corporate and National Strategies, Technical Assistance for GEF Project Preparation, Technical Assistance for Local Project Developers and Sponsors

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