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Intellectual property

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Use of the site

This site, its content and its functionalities are offered exclusively for information purposes. Some elements of this site are exclusively available to the authorized users of the Econoler network.

Exclusion of responsability

The information provided on this site including the present policy is subject to changes without prior notice. The user of this site is responsible to verify if its content has been modified on each visit. This information is offered without guarantee regarding its integrity and reliability as expressed in the Law concerning the legal framework on information technologies. Only the terms and conditions of a formal contract between Econoler and a third party may be opposable, save any claim to the contrary based on the site content at a specific time.

Econoler ne sera responsable d'aucun déboursé, perte ou dommage direct ou indirect découlant de la consultation ou de l'utilisation de ce site, sa non-disponibilité ou celle d'une de ses fonctionnalités, la suspension de sa publication sur l'Internet, la distribution d'un virus informatique ou de codes malicieux ou pour toutes autres causes.

The user is solely responsible for the capture and verification of the data provided during the use of this site. This site includes a function to confirm the information captured allowing the user to correct a mistake or to complete an omission during a request for information or a transaction. The cancellation or the modification of the treatment of a confirmed request, including the execution of a transaction, is at Econoler sole discretion.

If need be, the access to an external site from this site does not involve Econoler responsibility.

Legal framework applicable

This site (excluding external sites) is hosted, published and managed by Econoler from its head office in Quebec, Canada. By entering this site, you accept that all affairs in relation to the access to or the use of this site are governed by the applicable federal and provincial laws.

Econoler doesn't make any representation concerning the compliance of this site content for any other territory than Canada. The user entering this site from another territory accepts to observe the laws, rules and norms applicable to this territory, without responsibility from Econoler.

Protection of personnal information

Econoler has adopted a protection of personal information policy which aims to protect your private life, in accordance with the applicable laws in Quebec and Canada. To this effect, Econoler has taken and applies appropriate security measures while using this site, including the encoding of certain data. However, public communication networks such as the Internet are open systems with links shared by many users. You recognize that Econoler does not guarantee that some personal information won't be intercepted and manipulated by third parties.

For the purpose of operating this site, Econoler may collect some information, including personal information. This information will never be the object of a communication, transfer, sale, assignment or any other commercial transaction with third parties without your authorization. This information may however be transferred between various internal departments or with distributors adhering to a protection of personal information policy, for the purpose of administration and management.

No Econoler representative is authorized to obtain personal or credit information from you over the phone. If this is the case, we ask you to contact us immediately in order for us to proceed with an internal investigation.

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Revised April 18th, 2007